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Ever wondered why you see cars turning into deserted car parks late at night?

If you have, then let us answer the question for you - their going dogging. And many have turned to this after dark activity after watching a real dogging video to see exactly what goes on at parks and laybys around the UK every night

And as more dogging vids and streaming dogging movies are becoming available, more people are out and filming this dogging sex in a mission to get dogging uncovered to the masses. Whilst many of the dogging film downloads have no doubt been set up to cater for this craze, some do feature and follow real doggers and their quest for outdoor public sex, some of the best we've reviewed below:

Streaming Dogging Movie Downloads

  • Dogging Diaries - This series of real dogging vids follows 4 real doggers as they seek out public sex after dark. The first film see's innocent looking sales girl Donna trawling some of the UK's best known dogging spots in search of a sexual high. You'll see her fucking strangers over the bonnet of a car, taking part in some lesbian dogging sex with barmaids and getting the ride of her life as she gets horny on a double decker bus! With lot's of blowjob action as well as plenty of anal sex and pussy pounding this really is a streaming dogging vid to see.
  • PussyStalker - There's two films in the pussystalker dogging vod series which see's them drive out to genuine dogging locations in the UK, to watch and record the actions of horny doggers, mainly couples, fucking outdoors. With great spontaneous action, you can just tell these dogging films are real by the hardcore dogging you get to see.
  • Sexpose Dogging - This dogging vod film has been described by none other than the sunday sport as a much watch, and we agree!! Over two hours of hardcore lesbian dogging, dogging couples and female doggers getting fucked silly by complete strangers.

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Dogging is a primarily UK activity that takes place in parks, laybys and woodland areas every night of the week, watch these dogging movies to see what takes place.